Reflecting on a Season of Giving: The CC Family Group of Businesses and a Heartwarming Christmas in Leeds

Reflecting on a Season of Giving: The CC Family Group of Businesses and a Heartwarming Christmas in Leeds

This past Christmas season, The CC Family Group of Businesses, including the cherished CC Hair and Beauty and CC Continental Supermarkets, had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in a memorable community event in Leeds. Organized by Black Lives Matter - Leeds and supported by a coalition of local organizations and businesses, including the venerable All Hallows Church, this event symbolized the essence of community spirit that The CC Family Group of Businesses cherishes.

Rooted in the heart of Chapeltown since our first store opened in 1979, The CC Family Group of Businesses has grown alongside the community, always prioritizing the needs and well-being of our neighbors. Our involvement in this Christmas event was an extension of our long-standing commitment to community engagement and support.

In sponsoring the Christmas dinner, we were mindful of the diverse makeup of our beloved community. We contributed halal chickens and bags of rice, ensuring that the meals were inclusive and respectful of various dietary practices. It was our way of ensuring that everyone in our diverse Leeds community felt welcomed and valued during the festive season.

The event itself was a beautiful tapestry of joy, warmth, and togetherness. Families and individuals from all walks of life came together, united by the spirit of the season. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, stories, and an overwhelming sense of community. Our contributions, alongside those from other supporters, helped ensure that every table was laden with food, every child’s face lit up with a smile, and every elder felt the joy of sharing their stories.

At The CC Family Group of Businesses, we believe that businesses have a role to play in building and nurturing the communities they serve. This Christmas event was a testament to that belief. The collaboration with Black Lives Matter - Leeds, All Hallows Church, and other organizations demonstrated the power of community unity and the impact we can make when we come together for a common cause.

As we reflect on this special Christmas, we are filled with pride and hope. The event was not just a celebration of the festive season; it was a celebration of Leeds’s community spirit, diversity, and strength. It is these values that The CC Family Group of Businesses will continue to champion and support in the years to come.

Together, we made this Christmas a memorable one, full of joy and community spirit. We look forward to continuing our journey of community engagement and support, ensuring that the spirit of this Christmas event lives on throughout the year and beyond.

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