1. Elastic Band Method Tutorial

    Learn how to sew in elastic bands to all of your wigs for a flawless lace wig experience! I'm addicted to this gorgeous Brazilian body wave glueless wig, you will be too! [embed][/embed] Continue reading →
  2. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil 2-n-1 Shine Mist & Heat Defense

    2015_Styling_2N1_PSORS brings the power of nourishing Olive Oil with protecting Grapeseed Oil to help shield your hair from heat damage when flat-ironing, blow drying and everyday heat styling. Also, experience luminous shine while controlling frizz. It’s heat protection and shine all in one! How to Use Continue reading →

    If you're like most women, your hair has gotten its fill chemical treatments, coloring and just everyday wear and tear. It's time to revitalize and renew your hair, naturally. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or you head to the salon for every shampoo and trim, you can benefit from Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil hair products. They're formulated for all hair types but are loved by women with natural hair. Continue reading →
  4. Six Tips For Dry and Brittle Hair

    Six Tips For Dry and Brittle Hair
    The most common reasons for dry and brittle hair can usually be found within your hair care regimen. Overprocessing with chemicals, excessive use of heat, lack of moisture, and using the wrong hair products are just a few. So what can you do to solve it? 1. Increase your deep conditioning sessions. Opt for at least once a week. 2...
  5. Spring and Summer 2015 Must Have

    Spring and Summer 2015 Must Have
    Spring is Here Here is our must have products for this month. Additional Lengths Feather Hair extensions. The latest fashion trend sweeping the globe is Feather Hair Extensions which can be attached to your hair using Micro or Silicone rings or for a quick in and out option, our feathers are produced so you can fit them securely using normal...

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