• Elastic Band Method Tutorial

    Learn how to sew in elastic bands to all of your wigs for a flawless lace wig experience! I'm addicted to this gorgeous Brazilian body wave glueless wig, you will be too!


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  • Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil 2-n-1 Shine Mist & Heat Defense

    2015_Styling_2N1_PSORS brings the power of nourishing Olive Oil with protecting Grapeseed Oil to help shield your hair from heat damage when flat-ironing, blow drying and everyday heat styling. Also, experience luminous shine while controlling frizz. It’s heat protection and shine all in one!

    How to Use

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    If you're like most women, your hair has gotten its fill chemical treatments, coloring and just everyday wear and tear. It's time to revitalize and renew your hair, naturally. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or you head to the salon for every shampoo and trim, you can benefit from Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil hair products. They're formulated for all hair types but are loved by women with natural hair.

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  • Six Tips For Dry and Brittle Hair

    BSMCsatinsleepcapThe most common reasons for dry and brittle hair can usually be found within your hair care regimen. Overprocessing with chemicals, excessive use of heat, lack of moisture, and using the wrong hair products are just a few. So what can you do to solve it?

    1. Increase your deep conditioning sessions. Opt for at least once a week.

    2. Moisturize your hair and ends daily.

    3. Cut back on the heat. If you’re using heat daily, try to at least reduce it to once a week.

    4. Protect your hair with satin/silk scarves and pillowcases at night.

    5. Let go of the dead weight. If your hair is damaged, just cut it and get it over with.

    6. Try protective hairstyling. Buns, braids, wigs or anything that will shield your hair and ends from the elements.

  • Spring and Summer 2015 Must Have

    Spring is Here
    Here is our must have products for this month.

    Additional Lengths Feather Hair extensions.
    The latest fashion trend sweeping the globe is Feather Hair Extensions which can be attached to your hair using Micro or Silicone rings or for a quick in and out option, our feathers are produced so you can fit them securely using normal hair extension clips. Great for achieving the Boho look. http://www.cchairandbeauty.com/hair-extensions/feather-hair-extensions/all-feathers/additional-lenHair Feathersgths-feathers-festival-boho


    Oliver Gibney Ocean Salt Beach Texture Spray

    If you love the look and feel of stepped out of the sea, naturally sun dried hair then you will be swept away this!


    Recreate Khloe Kardashian beach waves look.

    Khloe Kardashian Beach Waves Look


    1. Simply apply your beach spray and scrunch it into your hair. Start from the ends of your hair and push your ends up towards your head, do not apply to your roots as salt spray works best on the ends and mid lengths on your hair.
    2. Take your hair into two sections down the middle. Then grab one section and twist into a bun. Do the same with the other section of hair. Secure them with clips
    3. This works best if you do this before bed. If not, hit them with the blow dryer for a bit. Then let them cool.
    4. Pull them down and run your fingers through them. We love to flick our hair upside down to give our hair volume.
    5. Finally scrunch your hair with a little of hairspray and Voila!

    Have oily hair? Sea salt helps absorb excess oil, making your hair looking smoother. Also if you’ve ever had a problems with dandruff, sea salt can help! It helps get rid of dryness and fights dandruff!

    Fake bake Unisex Bronzing Gel Self Tan
    The ultimate unisex self tan gel for both men and women.
    A light weight, fast drying gel that dries upon contact with the skin where the tanning agents start working immediately to develop in a golden healthy looking glow. Concentrated antioxidants Vitamin C and E help combat the free radicals that age skin prematurely. Added moisture hydrates, tones and conditions the skin and it can be used on both the face and body, with no artificial preservatives or parabens it has a pleasant, neutral fragrance.
    Celebs from Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Aniston to Peter Andre love Fake Bake


    Fake Bake Unisex Bronzing Gel

    A list Remi Mini Tips Hair Extensions
    Hairaisers launched their new brand A -list Hair Extensions at our store last month. Celebrities from the hit show Made in Chelsea Absolutely love this brand!
    Mini Tip Extensions are a new fantastic and very safe method of individual bond extension application. The Mini Tips are applied using a mini copper tube that is colour matched to your hair and threaded onto the natural hair, a pre tipped strand of Mini I Tip extension hair is then placed inside the tube which is then seeled flat, this provides a safe and secure tiny bond. Mini Tip hair extensions can be worn up to 3 months where they can then be repositioned and tightened as your natural hair grows, allowing you further months wear afterwards. The hair can also be re-used depending on the condition of the hair.

    A-List Mini Tip Hair Extensions represent the ultimate non-invasive hair fitting system. Mini Micro Rings secure hair extensions to natural hair without the need for glue or heat. Perfect for those who require thicker, fuller and longer hair. There are 22 shades of natural colours to choose from and is available in 18 and 22 inches.
    Our Staff's favourite this month.

    Olivia Newman-Young Olivia Newman-Young from hit show Made in Chelsea


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